Simple, Fun And Cool Crafts For Kids

Most of the kids always look to have some fun entertainment during summer holidays. Assigning them with some craftwork will be encouraging as well as a fun event. For keeping our little ones literally busy, the following are the best and simple crafts for kids.

cool crafts for kids

Pumpkin Seed Necklaces

  • The pumpkin seed necklace is one of the best craft projects for kids, which can be assigned to kids of all ages.
  • The younger kids can be assigned to color the seeds and older one to color on their own creativeness.
  • Use orange, purple, green and black colors for painting the roasted seeds, use needle rope them with black thread for making a necklace.

Handprint Ghosts

  • Doing hand print ghosts will be a fun craft for kids. By folding the hands together, cover the hand surface with white paint and use a black paper to take the handprint.
  • Cut the handprints on the paper and leave the remaining edges. Use black holes for drawing both mouth and eyes.

Paper Plate Spiders

  • Most of the young children like to make paper plate spider, so this can be a cool crafts for kids.
  • Paint the paper plate surface with black and allow it to get dry. Fold a black paper and cut them into eight strips.
  • Paste the each end of the strip with plate and make the legs of a spider. Paste the eyes or use the cut circles in a white paper with black dot at center.

Cereal Box Haunted House

  • Cereal Box is the spooky and perfect simple crafts for kids. The empty cereal box flaps must be opened to tie the edges together for making the peaked roof shape.
  • Cut down the holes for doors and windows and use black color for painting the outside box.
  • From inside the box, use white and yellow tissue paper to paste the ribbon in the windows.
  • Use some decorative materials on outside of the house then place the flashing light inside the house.

Magnet fish toy:

  • The thing used for making magnetic fish toy includes pole, glue, string, magnets and card stocks.
  • Card stock must be used for making the colorful fishes. After cutting the fish shape, paste some magnets on their mouth.
  • Twine or string must be tied at the end for making the fishing pole. Another magnet can be pasted at the end of a fishing line.

Collecting rock stones:

  • Children can collect the smooth and small rocks on the sunny day and save it for a rainy season.
  • Take the stones and paint them to appear like the dominoes with numbers from one to six. Now we can use the new domino set created to play.

Paintings on juice bottle cap:

  • The next fun craft for kids is to draw magnetic pictures on juice bottles cap. The cap has to be cleaned or rinsed to remove the smell present it.
  • Cut some small pictures and paste it on the center of the juice bottle caps. Magnet can be added at the back through hot voila and glue.

CD spinners:

  • This can be a cool crafts for kids too! Use old CDs and make some heart craving decorative.
  • ¬†Warm up those inventiveness muscles and paste round ball or large marble to bottom of a CD.
  • Once it gets dry, turn over it and add handle or bottle cap on the other side. Make sure that this handle is straight above the marble. After completing, the CD will be a great rotating top.

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