Japanese tattoo meanings

In the past years, there is tremendous growth in traditional Japanese tattoo designs. Many of the tattoos are related to Yakuza (Japanese gang or criminals in society). Even the sight of the tattoos can strike fear in most people. As we know, Japan is a developing country and they have several respects on tattoos. The tattoo designers and artists from Japan are very creative and attractive, so that the Japanese tattoo meanings are weird & surprising. The interesting fact about their tattoos is each tattoo has its unique meaning. OK let us see about the Japanese tattoo meanings and tribal tattoo meanings.

make your own tattoo

Some famous Japanese tattoos

  • Cherry blossom tattoos
  • Koi fish tattoos
  • Samurai

Want to know the meaning of these famous tattoos then stick with the following:

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

This type of tattoos represents Japanese life. The flower in the tattoo brings extra beauty for the tattoo. The perfect meaning of this tattoo is “Life should be lived with extra beauty and everybody must try to fulfill the happiness in their life.” This tattoo teaches every individual how to lead their life i.e., it teaches how to be in this world.

Koi Fish Tattoos

It is probably second powerful tattoos of Japanese. You can find this tattoo in most of the Japanese temple. Even the tattoos looks meaningful, the Japanese consider that the fish is swimming against the current flow of water to reach the gate, if the fish reaches the gate then it changes to dragon and there starts a new story! Likewise, they believe it brings new life for people.

Samurai Tattoos

I guess most of the people familiar with samurai tattoos! Of course, samurai lived by the code of Bushido and it is too hard to explain the whole story. The meaning of the tattoo is “Live life fully”. Even if you had many obstacle in your life try to accept it and move forward to your goal.

Tribal tattoos meaning

As like Japanese tattoos, tribal tattoos also have meanings. Recently many people show much attention towards tribal tattoos. This kind of tattoos means different things to different people all around the world. Some weird facts are inscribed in the tribal tattoos meaning.

In fact, in ancient times, all tribe people are tattooed, if suppose anyone failed to tattoo then the person is not considered as tribe. Each tattoo has different meanings and they are used to know the meaning of life.

How to make your own tattoo

It is upon your creativity to make your own tattoo. First clear about what your tattoo want to express.

Then make sure whether you need symbols in your tattoo. If you need symbols means you can add butterfly, flower, cross, Celtic knot etc., you need to research about the symbols so that you can create a meaningful tattoo.

Designing is the major part in tattoo creation. First, you need to draw an outline of the tattoo then you can get a clear vision of tattoo. If you can’t find an exact design you can consult an artist for this work.  He will help you to make your own tattoo.

By this way, you can make your own tattoo. Hope you enjoy this article! If you have any other interesting fact about tattoos, you can share with us in comment box.

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