How To Make & Play With Origami Fortune Teller?

Do you know how to make an origami fortune teller? If your answer is no, you are going to learn it now. You can make your dear ones to have a try with your fortune teller. Make them to go with it and lead them to some nice message. Make sure you are leading them towards a message that makes them happy. Don’t make the people to land up with the horrible messages. Okay, now let’s make the origami fortune teller with the piece of paper.

origami fortune teller

Things you will need to make fortune teller origami

  • A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, pens and paints

Step 1

Get an A4 size paper & fold it from the bottom left to the top. Repeat the fold far as you can. Now take the scissors. You can find a rectangle shape on the right corner of the A4 paper. To get the fortune teller in a perfect shape, you should cut them off.

Step 2

Once you finish the extra pieces, make sure the piece of paper you hold it in your hand is in the square shape. Now fold every corner of this square into middle.

Step 3

Repeat the step 2 and start to fold the remaining tiny square to nearly half.

Step 4

This step is somewhat critical. You have to be careful here. Because it’s time to play with your finger through origami fortune teller. Move the piece of paper like a portrait and them change it to landscape

Step 5

We will need crayons or pens at this stage. Totally, we will have 8 squares. Paint all the 4 squares with one color and the rest with other. Open the fortune teller origami with your fingers and put number on i.

Step 6

Repeat step 5 and paint the other side of the squares(another 8). Once you fill the numbers in all squares, start to write a message on each of the square. At this stage, we will have 4 colors, 8 messages and 8 numbers.

Step 7

Now get any one from your family or from your friend circle. Make them play with this origami fortune teller and lead them to a pleasant message.

You can also check out the video to create your own origami fortune teller

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To whom it will be interesting?

It is a great game for the preschoolers and babysitters.

How to play with origami fortune teller?

You can begin the game by firing an yes or no question or if you want to start with the random saying, just make the people to pick a word of their choice from the outside squares.

When the person states his questions loud, make him to pick one of the color on the square. For example if the color is “white”,  play with your fingers like forth and back for each and every letter “w”,”h”,”i”,”t”,”e”.

Now make the person to choose one of the number from the inside of the square. Move the cootie catcher front and fourth to equal to the number of their choice. Stop the fortune teller and make the person to pick a final number and make them open the flap. Here you have arrived at an answer to his question.

Initially this fortune teller origami may seem as a hard one. Once you get used to it, it will come handy. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can write up to 2 things under one flap.

You can write the messages that goes hand in hand with some one’s personal life or with the more common things just as ” you are going to have a title of American Idol this year” .

Just as we made a fortune teller with origami, you can make origami with money. It can be designed in many different shapes. Most common one is butterfly design.

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