How to make beaded jewelry

I know many people are planned to make beaded jewelry for weddings, holidays, mother day, and graduation and for other special occasions.  Even they have planned to make beaded jewelry they don’t have any ideas “how to make beaded jewelry”. You can make beaded jewelry of rings, necklaces, earring, charms, and many more jewelry items.

Stop rushing to buy jewelry for your beloved one; you can make it by yourself!handmade jewelry ideas


Stop fighting in traffics, parking, holiday shoppers and store-to-store purchase for readymade gift. You can stay at your home and can create a unique beaded jewelry for your children or beloved one in your life. This makes you to feel relax and comfortable in making gifts at home. When you receive handmade gift from your beloved one how you feel? I know it makes you delight! The handmade gifts are extra special because it is (handmade gift) with more care and love.

Quick note

For the people who are newbie, don’t afraid! Single strand pearl (necklace) is easy to make. I know many people will not satisfy with pearl for those people they can use beads instead of pearl.  Choosing the color for beads is so important rather than selecting the type of beads (wooden beads or stringing amber beads)

When it comes to make handmade gifts, it is not easy to select the perfect choice of gift. You may get many handmade jewelry ideas from internet or else you can ask your friend about your choice. Many of the top internet sites help to make choice in selecting jewelry gift, which are made of hand (handmade gift). When you are beginner, then you may select necklace, bracelet or ring these are the best choice.

If you are willing to try bead weaving, go on with that. It is also one of the best choices for beginners. Bead weaving is made by stitching with the help of threads and needle. This one is very simple you can assemble the bead in a row that it. When you hook all the beads then it seems as unique line. That is it your jewelry is ready. Stringing bead is easy and anyone can make jewelry by stringing bead.

Hand beading and hand quilting are some of the techniques used for making jewelry, these are very simple and you can make utilize of your leisure time to make handmade jewelry. People whom willing to make handmade jewelry should be creative and it helps to explore your thoughts.

When you decided to make handmade jewelry by pearls, make sure the pearls you used are not fake. Nowadays it is too hard to find real pearls, many people sells fake pearls on market. So beware of them.

The pearls that have found in sea are more valuable than the pearls in fresh water. However if you find pears in fresh water which are also valuable when it is compared to plastic pearls in market and stores. The pearls are available in different shapes, size, and color you can select from your choice. Colored pearls are perfectly suited for handmade gemstone jewelry because it brings extra attraction towards your handmade jewelry.

Planning for handmade gift, then don’t forgot to share what gift would you prefer for future occasions?

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