General Trivia Questions And Answers

If you are looking forward to some general trivia questions and answers, then this article will help you a lot. It describes you about not only general trivia questions and answers but also throws little light on animal trivia questions as well. Let us look about them in detail.

general trivia questions and answers

General Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is the number of countries in UN?

Answer is 192

2. Which is the dog breed, which is recognized for its special spotted coat?

Answer is Dalmatian

3. The Horseshoe Falls and American falls are popularly known as?

Answer is Niagara Falls

4. Which is the race that is also called – “Most exciting 2 minutes of sports”

Answer is “The Kentucky Derby”

5. During April 21, 1926, who was there at 17, Burton Street at London?

Answer is Queen Elizabeth II

6. Which scientist had his nickname as “Wizard of Menlo Park?”

Answer is Thomas Edison

7. In which novel does Paul Baumer play a major character?

Answer is All Quiet on the Western Front

8. Who discovered dynamite?

Answer is Alfred Nobel

9. Who are ziggurats?

Answer is Temple Towers or stepped towers

10.  During which year did the first Olympic international games held?

Answer is 1896

Animal Trivia Questions

1. Which is the world’s biggest nocturnal primate, which can literally fit in one’s palm very easily?

Answer is Aye Aye

2. Which animal is also called as the “little armored”?

Answer is Armadillo

3. Which is the animal that has its nickname as “Best of Nile”?

Answer is Hippopotamus

4. Which is the amazing animal that does not have the need for drinking water in order to survive?

Answer is Kangaroo Rat

5. The smallest primate of this world is?

Answer is mouse lemur

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