Eye Tattoo Designs & Tattoos On Feet

Eye Tattoo Designs & Tattoos On Feet

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Tattoos are something that is always well admired by many people. However, tattoo designs are numerous. You can pick anything that you wish. While doing a tattoo, you need to note few things:

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  • It has to be entirely unique from others
  • Make sure that it reflects your character
  • Ensure that the tattoo you make has nice story line connected

Though there are many tattoo designs, I will concentrate in telling about two things that is none other than the below:

  • Tattoos on feet
  • Eye tattoo designs

Let us look each one in detail.

Eye tattoo designs

If you are fascinated about the eye tattoo designs, I guess you truly have landed at the right spot. In specific, I am going to write about different kinds in eye tattoo designs, which exist. I will also be highlighting about the varieties of effects that these kinds of tattoos can literally create. So let us begin!

To begin with, in general, the eye tattoo designs can refer two unique things.

  • At first, it can literally mean tattoo on an “eye” that is typically what we exactly mean when it comes to “eye tattoo designs”.
  • Secondly, it means the “eyeball tattoo”. This basically involves injecting a pigment onto the actual eyeball. However, there are many possible dangers and side effects in this. Sometimes it causes blindness and this is why it is even illegal at some states. It is definitely not something that I recommend

The eye image is pretty well-liked theme for many tattoo designs. They are frequently used inside patterns or for creating unusual effects. For instance, some people prefer acquiring eye tattoo designs on their arms, hands but mainly palms. You can even have 2 eyes tattooed at the back. Sometimes even at the backside of head. So this creates an image as if “you can see from behind”.

Other locations for eye tattoo designs can be none other than the ankle or forearm. Another alternative is to get them on your eyelids. Obviously there is not much space here but if you wish to then you can. Let me tell you it is painful. However, smaller tattoos are moderately common. For a little startling outcome, one can get “open eye” tattoo at the eye lids.

 Tattoos on feet

While a feet offers a small place when compared to some other parts in your body, you can still find many alternatives for some great designs. If you have any scars then there are certain tattoo cover ups that can help you cover it neatly.