Egyptian And Winged Tattoo Designs

Egyptian tattoo designs

Art of tattooing is not a new one. It can be dated to the stone age itself. Anyhow evaluation started only at the time of Egyptians. This culture have given so much to our modern tattoo industry. In the middle history Egyptian tattoo designs, have emerged as one of the category of art.

Purpose of behind the egypitain tattoos are not same as the one we have now. They have tattooed the body for many social reasons. They have used it for ornamentation. Researches had found out the mummy named Amunet which had a tattoo on the body. Beauty about this mummy is, it is dated back to several thousand  years earlier.

If you keenly watch the tattoos discovered on these mummies, you can see a visible dot & dash patterns. Mostly tattooing were made at the times of ceremonies or fertility rites. Even though the practice of tattooing the egyptian tattoo designs was ritual and more regular in the ancient Egyptian culture, it was not given much importance in the modern Egyptian culture.

family tattoo designs

But you can see the reflection of Egyptian tattoo designs in many different western cultures which includes some parts of United states. It is the place where the egypitan tatoo designs have started to take off.

You may have heard a long list of gods & goddesses in the early Egyptian culture. People of these times drawn these images on their body. Some of the other characters & shapes which was popular among the people are Bastet, Isis, Amun Ra and Osiris.

Ancient Egyptian symbols like Osiris and Amun are often tattooed in the large scale tattoo as well. Other popular symbols of ancient culture includes cats, phoenixes, scarabs and Sphinxes.

There are so many forces which drives people towards the egyptian culture. Some of them are Museum exhibitions, tomb excavations, mummy and the mysteries depicted in the Hollywood movies etc. As all you know world famous images of Pyramids and Sphinx never fails to hinder the curiosity of people of all ages. So now I hope, you have understood how this Egyptian tattoo designs got this sort of popularity in our modern tattoo industry.

These designs provides a great opportunity to the tattoo artists to prove their artistry.  From the blend of complicated color selections to the comples design these tattoos pose a real challenge. Until now for any creative tattoo artists and a dedicated wearer, choice of Egyptian tattoo designs  seems as a logical choice. In this art form combination of any symbol and images are acceptable.

Wing tattoo designs

 We can state a long list of Wing tattoo designs interpretation. Simple one is most popular symbol of flying/flight. This representation gives a representation of angelic symbol. Apart from depicting the romance, it gives a meaning of getting escape from all of the earthly limits to the eternal freedom of soul.

Wings you are seeing in the winged tattoo designs can be associated with any winged creature such as dragons & horses, fairies & butterflies and so on. As these are mythical in nature these got a special place in tattoo designs. A winged tattoo designs that continue to attract everyone is ” tattooing the wings along with the love symbol attached to it”.

Family tattoo designs

If you want to portrait some messages with your tattoo then the category of tattoo should try yourself is family tattoo designs. A general search engine search will help you find many adorable family tattoo designs.

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