Craft Activities For Kid At Home

Holidays are one of the most important period for kids to do some craft activities. During summer holidays, craft activities for kids can include decorations, creating pictures, painting and making dolls, this will help in boosting up their creativity. Following are some of the creative craft projects for kids. Read the article to know about it:

crafts for kids to make

Make a mask:

  • This involves paper for making scary face. First, we need to cut the mouth and eyes section to see and to breathe out.
  • On the mask side, ribbon pieces can be used for making the ears. We can avoid the mask tear off from construction by punching the hole and taping it.
  • Now, take two rubber bands, lace them together, and sketch it tightly. Attach the two paper clips with the newly formed rubber band.
  • At last, attach two paper clips at the side of the mask on the tape hole.

Pin a Tail on the Black Cat

  • Use some cardboard for drawing the black cat picture. Put the picture on the stand and make a tail by using the same material.
  • This idea is same like pinning the tail on the donkey. Make the contestant to close their eyes and watch how closely they are pinning a tail on the cat.

Painting Rocks:

  • As most of the children like to stay outdoors, crafts for kids to make can also include painting the rocks.
  • Give the brushes and acrylic paints to the kids; allow them to make the painting on their own creative way.
  • Either they can paint the scene in smaller or larger stone with single or multi colors

Photo Frames:

  • Photo framing can be decorated in different ways. Supply wooden or plain plastic and allow the kids to make their own summer photo frame.
  • Ask the kids to decorate each frame with the theme, which matches with photograph.
  • The beach photos can be decorated by using the seashells and sands. Birth photo can be decorated with cutouts, birthday clip arts and stickers.

Wrapping Paper:

  • Wrapping the paper is the best craft activities for kids, allow them to wrap the paper to use for friends or teachers birthday presents.
  • Household supplies like vegetables, sponge, jar lids, carved buttons and paints can be provided to them for creating various paper patterns.

Bead Crafts:

  • The interesting crafts can be made with beads of different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Kids can also create bead art, themed jewelry, pins, bending wires for creating shapes and stringing beads.


  • One of the effective and oldest methods for keeping kids free is Playdough. Kids must be assigned with a project, which they can complete it before the last day of their summer holidays.

Decorating Eggs:

  • Easter crafts for kids to make include decorating the eggs. Plenty of ideas are available for decorating the eggs.
  • Hard-boiled eggs can be used for coloring or paintings, or drawing with wax crayons.

Sponge Painted Eggs:

  • One of the interesting craft project for kids is painting the egg using the sponges. Hard-boiled eggs can be placed in an empty cup.
  • Next, put the paint in the small paper cups or dishes then dip the sponge in this paint and dap it on the egg.
  • Multiple colors can be used in the same way. After the egg gets dry, repeat the same procedure on the next side of the egg.
  • Eggs decorated can be collected and place it on the Easter basket.

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