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Tips To Make Money – Careers In Art

Crafts to make and sell

Many people looking forward to earn some extra money at home; Hope you also looking for that! Then you are in the right place to learn the secrets of earning money at home as there are lots of careers in art!

First, let me ask you a question.

Do you know how to crochet or knit? If yes then this article perfectly fits for you and helps you to earn money. Interesting right! Stick to this article to know how to make money with crafts.

careers in art

If you have well knowledge and talent in crafts then you can sell your craft with sweet deals. I’m pretty sure you might not hear about people selling their knitting items every day. I know it is so hard for mom to stay plain in their home; they can make use of crafts to make and sell to earn money from their home. You don’t need huge bucks to invest in this business it is inexpensive and it pays you a lot. Crafting is one of the best careers in art; it helps to earn huge bucks.

Crafts to earn money

If you want to earn more money, you should know some supplement works like knitting sweaters, scarves, hats etc., the main advantage of craft works is that, there is no work pressure you can do it in your leisure time.

Planning is the best part in any business; you have to plan effectively to sell your knitting. You have to analyze the best buyers and have to find the great partner to sell your crafting. Making a sweet deal will help to gain mutual benefits for buyer and as well as seller (that’s you)

You have to find various patterns to design your craft because most of the people like better craft with attractive design. It is also useful in gaining some extra money than the normal amount.

Selling craft does not make to millionaire but helps to manage your daily life style; with this amount, you can satisfy the basic needs.

Toilet paper crafts

Toilet paper crafts also helps to pay you off, this craft is very interesting especially children love this crafts.

The right patterns will definitely help you to earn huge bucks. Try to be creative and design attractive toilet paper crafts that will definitely pay you off.

You have to find craft shops and consignment shops to sell your product. You may consider elite boutiques and some special catalogs that will help you to earn some extra money on toilet paper crafts. Try to attend craft shows that help to fix the price for your product, learn how sellers decide their price. This will really helpful for you to fix the price for wide variety of products and improve careers in art.

What buyers expect from you?

Remember what buyers expect from you, they would not need as usual product and they need quality. Keep this thing in your mind when you designing your craft.

Buyers need uniqueness in your product, if your product has unique style and design then it will definitely design. In addition always remember the quality; this also plays a vital role in marketing your product. With no doubt the cheap quality products will bring bad name or you.

Then why you are waiting for? Start knitting and earn money! I hope you people enjoy this article about careers in art. If you have any suggestion about this post, surely you can mention it in comment box.

Craft And Art Ideas For Preschoolers

At first sight, it seems that art activities for preschoolers are filled with confusion and small piece of disorders. The learning experience will be great, by introducing little preparation, focus on preschool art, and craft ideas. The young toddlers will show some choice towards sight (visual), sound (aural) or doing (kinesthetic) learning. On teaching new art projects for toddlers, this will be a great tool to learn all those teaching or learning methods and it is a best chance for the kids to know about it. Toddlers have to first be taught as to how to handle the scissors safely on doing the craft activities. The simple and easy craft ideas for toddlers are given below:

art projects for toddlers

 Make a Learning Placemat

  • The important point to be noted on the toddler craft ideas is to have some leaning placement for the kids.
  • Child-safe scissors, paper, pictures printed off from internet, crayons, glue, old children’s wrapping paper, pencils, laminator, magazines and pens.
  • Teaching the kids on how to make seasons or shape will be a good teaching method. Make the toddlers to cut the pictures and to paste them on a piece of paper.
  • After the collage gets dry, marker pens can be used for writing the words and laminate the picture to make full completion for the wide proof placemat.

Family Tree

  • Making a family tree can be the best art activities for preschoolers. This craft ideas for toddlers needs family photos, marker pens, pencils, crayons, glue, cardboard or piece of paper in large size.
  • Doing family tree project will be the best place to start the art works. Guide the students in doing this work starting from siblings to parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.
  • Place the photo in the wall and use marker pen for pointing out the names.
  • Completing the family part in a tree, leaves and branches can be added by using the pencils and crayons.

Leaf Stamping:

Leaf stamping is quick, classic and easy art projects for toddlers. It makes stamp one leaf to the front of a blank card in craft store. Things needed:

  • Fresh leaves
  • Paint of different colors
  • Paper
  • Paint brush with small sponge

Collecting a mixture of recently fallen leaves, avoid ragged and dried leaves. Apply paint in a brush and then apply it to the leaf. Press paint onto paper and repeat the process until completing the work of art!

Leaf Rubbings:

  • A leaf rubbing is one of the great indoor and outdoor activities. Ensure about the leaves we are gathering are fallen freshly so will not fall apart.

What you need:

  • Assemble an set of freshly fallen leaf
  • Crayons and
  • White paper

Collect a group of leaves of various sizes and shapes. Avoid the leaves that are dried out. In the bit of white paper, arrange the layer of the leaves in a side. Place a new sheet of white paper above the apex of the leaves. Remove paper, take a crayon and gently rub above to the white paper on the top. Now, the image of the leaf will be traced out on the paper.

Dried Pasta Name Writing:

Things needed in this toddler craft ideas:

  • tricolor dried pasta
  • Cardboard
  • marker pen
  • PVA glue

First, write the toddler name in big letters on a piece of cardboard. Ask the toddlers to glue the letters with pasta on the cardboard; note that the colors used for the letters must be different. This craft will provide a great fun as well as entertainment to the toddlers.

Best And Easy Easter Craft Ideas For toddlers

Art and craft ideas for toddlers can help them to learn about the creativities. The great way for enhancing the talents of the young kids is by allowing them to participate in the art and crafts project. Indeed, there are thousands of arts and crafts for toddlers, for every preferences and taste. The artwork assigned to kids must provide not only the fun but also it should educate them. Reasoning, judgment skills, leaning parts of the brain can be improved by doing the art activities. Sometimes buying the art materials and craft kits will be quite costly, so the homemade things can be used for doing crafts works.

arts and crafts for toddlers

Following are some of the easter crafts for toddlers:

 Easter egg painting:

  • This art ideas for kids includes non-toxic for coloring the eggshells, this can be used as the centerpiece in the table or it can be hanged with a thread on the tree branches.

Bunny ears:

  • The adult can be assigned with doing the bunny ears. Make an outside note, do not be too straight and use exciting colors for painting the bunny ears to make it look exciting and more professional.

Giant Easter mosaic:

  • Allow the walls to the kids for drawing or pasting or painting the pictures that are related to Easter.
  • We can use this as a photo backdrop for taking pictures with our friends and relatives as souvenirs.

Easter bag:

  • This is simple craft ideas for toddlers, use paper bags for gathering the small toys, candies and other freebies.
  • Put them inside a bag and even tags can be added for more attractiveness. Ribbons, mini toys, flowers, voila, paper toys and other handmade cards can be added in the bags.

Paper Easter bunny:

  • After drawing the paper bunny, colors or paint can be used for the paper plates, readymade jiggy eyes can be pasted on the plates.
  • Magazine pictures, art papers can be by children for making the paper Easter bunny.

Stained Glass Egg:

  • Stained glass egg is one of the best Easter crafts for toddlers; this brings a great look for the home.
  • First large egg shape must be made, after that paste some tissue papers over it. The paste we made muse be little watery.
  • Different patterns with multi colors or the children can paste the multi colors in a random manner on the egg shape.
  • When the egg shape gets dry hang it on the window. This will give a pleasant and great look during the nighttime.


Foot Bunnies:

  • Making cute child’s foot bunnies will be excellent souvenir. Use white or grey paper for tracing the foot of the toddlers.
  • Pink and white ears can be used for pasting it on the bunny’s head. The features are to be drawn on the bunny then add cotton balls or pipe cleaners to the tail and nose.

Make a Robot:

  • The art and craft for toddlers can include making robot; this is best application to kids of all ages.
  • Some preplanning has to b made for making robots like tin foil, cereal packets, collect toilet rolls and other materials that we like.
  • Creating the robot depends upon the ability of a child. The child must be helped for making ribbon toilet rolls for the box to make the body of robots and paste the buttons for the eyes.
  • The adult can do on their own with little help of their parents. Poster paint can also be used for painting the robot.

Simple, Fun And Cool Crafts For Kids

Most of the kids always look to have some fun entertainment during summer holidays. Assigning them with some craftwork will be encouraging as well as a fun event. For keeping our little ones literally busy, the following are the best and simple crafts for kids.

cool crafts for kids

Pumpkin Seed Necklaces

  • The pumpkin seed necklace is one of the best craft projects for kids, which can be assigned to kids of all ages.
  • The younger kids can be assigned to color the seeds and older one to color on their own creativeness.
  • Use orange, purple, green and black colors for painting the roasted seeds, use needle rope them with black thread for making a necklace.

Handprint Ghosts

  • Doing hand print ghosts will be a fun craft for kids. By folding the hands together, cover the hand surface with white paint and use a black paper to take the handprint.
  • Cut the handprints on the paper and leave the remaining edges. Use black holes for drawing both mouth and eyes.

Paper Plate Spiders

  • Most of the young children like to make paper plate spider, so this can be a cool crafts for kids.
  • Paint the paper plate surface with black and allow it to get dry. Fold a black paper and cut them into eight strips.
  • Paste the each end of the strip with plate and make the legs of a spider. Paste the eyes or use the cut circles in a white paper with black dot at center.

Cereal Box Haunted House

  • Cereal Box is the spooky and perfect simple crafts for kids. The empty cereal box flaps must be opened to tie the edges together for making the peaked roof shape.
  • Cut down the holes for doors and windows and use black color for painting the outside box.
  • From inside the box, use white and yellow tissue paper to paste the ribbon in the windows.
  • Use some decorative materials on outside of the house then place the flashing light inside the house.

Magnet fish toy:

  • The thing used for making magnetic fish toy includes pole, glue, string, magnets and card stocks.
  • Card stock must be used for making the colorful fishes. After cutting the fish shape, paste some magnets on their mouth.
  • Twine or string must be tied at the end for making the fishing pole. Another magnet can be pasted at the end of a fishing line.

Collecting rock stones:

  • Children can collect the smooth and small rocks on the sunny day and save it for a rainy season.
  • Take the stones and paint them to appear like the dominoes with numbers from one to six. Now we can use the new domino set created to play.

Paintings on juice bottle cap:

  • The next fun craft for kids is to draw magnetic pictures on juice bottles cap. The cap has to be cleaned or rinsed to remove the smell present it.
  • Cut some small pictures and paste it on the center of the juice bottle caps. Magnet can be added at the back through hot voila and glue.

CD spinners:

  • This can be a cool crafts for kids too! Use old CDs and make some heart craving decorative.
  •  Warm up those inventiveness muscles and paste round ball or large marble to bottom of a CD.
  • Once it gets dry, turn over it and add handle or bottle cap on the other side. Make sure that this handle is straight above the marble. After completing, the CD will be a great rotating top.

Craft Activities For Kid At Home

Holidays are one of the most important period for kids to do some craft activities. During summer holidays, craft activities for kids can include decorations, creating pictures, painting and making dolls, this will help in boosting up their creativity. Following are some of the creative craft projects for kids. Read the article to know about it:

crafts for kids to make

Make a mask:

  • This involves paper for making scary face. First, we need to cut the mouth and eyes section to see and to breathe out.
  • On the mask side, ribbon pieces can be used for making the ears. We can avoid the mask tear off from construction by punching the hole and taping it.
  • Now, take two rubber bands, lace them together, and sketch it tightly. Attach the two paper clips with the newly formed rubber band.
  • At last, attach two paper clips at the side of the mask on the tape hole.

Pin a Tail on the Black Cat

  • Use some cardboard for drawing the black cat picture. Put the picture on the stand and make a tail by using the same material.
  • This idea is same like pinning the tail on the donkey. Make the contestant to close their eyes and watch how closely they are pinning a tail on the cat.

Painting Rocks:

  • As most of the children like to stay outdoors, crafts for kids to make can also include painting the rocks.
  • Give the brushes and acrylic paints to the kids; allow them to make the painting on their own creative way.
  • Either they can paint the scene in smaller or larger stone with single or multi colors

Photo Frames:

  • Photo framing can be decorated in different ways. Supply wooden or plain plastic and allow the kids to make their own summer photo frame.
  • Ask the kids to decorate each frame with the theme, which matches with photograph.
  • The beach photos can be decorated by using the seashells and sands. Birth photo can be decorated with cutouts, birthday clip arts and stickers.

Wrapping Paper:

  • Wrapping the paper is the best craft activities for kids, allow them to wrap the paper to use for friends or teachers birthday presents.
  • Household supplies like vegetables, sponge, jar lids, carved buttons and paints can be provided to them for creating various paper patterns.

Bead Crafts:

  • The interesting crafts can be made with beads of different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Kids can also create bead art, themed jewelry, pins, bending wires for creating shapes and stringing beads.


  • One of the effective and oldest methods for keeping kids free is Playdough. Kids must be assigned with a project, which they can complete it before the last day of their summer holidays.

Decorating Eggs:

  • Easter crafts for kids to make include decorating the eggs. Plenty of ideas are available for decorating the eggs.
  • Hard-boiled eggs can be used for coloring or paintings, or drawing with wax crayons.

Sponge Painted Eggs:

  • One of the interesting craft project for kids is painting the egg using the sponges. Hard-boiled eggs can be placed in an empty cup.
  • Next, put the paint in the small paper cups or dishes then dip the sponge in this paint and dap it on the egg.
  • Multiple colors can be used in the same way. After the egg gets dry, repeat the same procedure on the next side of the egg.
  • Eggs decorated can be collected and place it on the Easter basket.