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Cool Homemade Crafts For Kids

Art and crafts for kids are always one of the best things to keep your little ones engaged as well as entertained. It will not only help in building up the creativity inside but also it has potential career. As your kid grows up doing amazing crafts, you can save a lot of money. They do not have the need to go to a gift shop to present something for someone. They can start doing it right away at home. There are many activities for kids at home, which can be done with the stuffs lying around your house.

Homemade Crafts for Kids – Cool Crafts To Make

activities for kids at home

It is quite often hard to keep up your kid entertained at times if they are not involved in the kind of activity they are participating. To keep up your kid’s interest, you should hold an interesting as well as a fun project. The excellent projects are the ones, which also allow adults to take part, manage and provide a helping hand if it is necessary. Activities for kids at home are many but the one ideal project, which is definite to please, is none other than making up a homemade guitar. In fact, this is one of the cool crafts to make. Below are the basic requirements, which you will need so that it is perfectly for an individual to do it. Here is the list of things as to what you will literally need:

  • Box with a lid (shoe box is just right)
  • Cardboard tube
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Extensive elastic bands
  • Two pencils
  • Aluminum foil
  • Art accessories

This is one of the best homemade crafts for kids. Following are the systematic guide that helps in making a guitar for your kid. In fact, this is one of the best activities for kids at home to proceed with.

Step 1: Cut a hole or opening at lid of a box and leave it for five centimeters strip at the sides and three centimeters at the bottom as well as top. You need to then, cut two thinner slots each of equal length.

Step 2: Cut out a hole at the box’s end, which needs to be little, large so that it can fit a cardboard roll inside easily.

Step 3: You now need to cover up cardboard rolls with the help of foil so that you can place it throughout a box’s hole. You need to protect it with the help of a tape.

Step 4: Now you need to tape the box’s lid with the help of a foil. You need to cut the foil out from holes on the lid.

Step 5: Then you will have to place few stretchable rubber bands at the box from an end to the other. For producing better sound, you need to wrap pencils along with foil. Then fix it under entire elastic bands. For creating various sounds with every string, you need to employ various lengths and size elastics or you can even wrap tighter.

Step 6: Finally this guitar is then decorated with the help of stickers, paint, magazine clippings or any other stuffs you wish to.

By following the above 6 simple steps, I bet your kid will have a beautiful homemade guitar! According to me, it is the best cool crafts to make at your home. You do not even have to spend much. Your children can now create different music and might even develop a hobby for music soon.


Christian Crafts For Kids – What Should You Do?

Though there are many activities for kids at home to do, the most interesting can be none other than the Christian crafts for kids in origami style. This article concentrates on three unique things, which are as follows:

  • Christian crafts for kids
  • Origami Christmas ornaments
  • Origami Christmas decorations

Let us look each one in detail

origami christmas ornaments

Christian crafts for kids

An ideal subject to start up your crafts is none other but with is a story creation. If you are not getting any idea, then you can kick start with creating an innovative or creative wheel. There are many materials and supplies, which you require for this:

  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Cotton balls
  • Paper fasteners
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Lightweight cardboard

You must cut circles from lightweight cardboard and corrugated cardboard with the diameter of about 12- inches. There has to be eight wedges on corrugated cardboard. Ensure that they are of same size. A lightweight cardboard requires one wedge a little smaller than those at corrugated cardboard. The kids will now draw a Creation story at 8 created wedges. The foremost spot has a title – “The Creation Story.”

With the help of markers, kids decorate the wheel so that they can tell some information on 7 days created by God. You will have to review every day and write it on the chalkboard so that children will have a reference even if they tend to forget.

  • Segment 1: This will be during God divided light from the dark.
  • Segment 2: This will be during God made sky; for this, children can use cotton for making clouds.
  • Segment 3: This will be the lands separated from sea.
  • Segment 4: This is when God had put up sun, moon and stars at the sky.
  • Segment 5: This is when God created birds for sky and fish for sea.
  • Segment 6: This is when God created humankind and animals on earth.
  • Segment 7: This is when God rested.

The wheel can be decorated with colorful paints so that it comes out beautifully with the right message.

Origami Christmas Ornaments and Origami Christmas Decorations

It is incomplete to have your Christmas without the Christmas tree decorated beautifully. Why not to include origami Christmas ornaments and origami Christmas decorations this time. It truly is fun. It will cost you less rather than buying stuffs from outside. All you need is to put some effort. To decorate the Christmas tree, one does not require to spend money. The best wonderfully decorated Christmas tree will often make use of most inexpensive stuffs for decor. Decorating the Christmas tree is an amazing activity not only for you but also for the entire family as you can come up with innovative and creative ideas. You need to use your individual style and taste so that you can have interesting decorating thoughts.

Here are few ideas, which you might need to draw motivation from and particularly while decorating on your budget. The simplest design is by cutting out some pictures from prior Christmas cards. Then color the backside with either gold or silver paint. Now just hang them at the tree with the help of a shiny ribbon loop. This idea literally works well for Christmas trees.

Rather than spending cash on those expensive glass balls, you will be able to, just do on your own. Just get colored glass or plastic balls and coat it with glitter. Yet another creative option is by sticking some jewels. You can even try to make some Christmas ornaments, which are old and give them a new touch.

Origami collectibles just look incredible as well as creative when it comes to ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just need to buy an origami volume with systematic instructions as to how to design with papers. You can literally make anything with the help of papers. It can be from storks, snowflakes or anything by just folding paper. You can make same figure with various colors for an ideal themed look.

Easy Art And Crafts Ideas For Kids

If you truly are finding it, hard to keep your children entertained then this article will help you with some art ideas for kids. In fact, Art and crafts for kids are the best ways to keep them engaged as well as entertained. However, there are some complex as well as easy craft ideas for kids. Let us look in detail about it.

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

The following are few easy art ideas for kids, which are truly inexpensive as well as simple to make. It is one of the best entertainment ideas to follow for your kids. Either you will see these things lying around your home or you can go to a good craft shop and get the stuffs.

art and crafts for kids

Pipe Cleaners: it is one of the ideal stuff for children since they bend easily and you can shape them accordingly. You can make some creative things out of it and have them painted with colorful paints.

Egg Box: These kinds of boxes are always the best as it can come up with some creative stuff. Cut the egg holder and then turn it over upside down. You will instantly have a nice insect body. You can now make some slits or perhaps use hole punch in order to insert the pipe cleaner so that it looks like wings or legs. Paint it with good colors and then make face or the way you like it.

Chinese Lanterns: Arts and crafts for kids are always amazing. Making some lovely Chinese lanterns is one of the best art ideas for kids. Colored papers or thin cards can be used to make some amazing Chinese lanterns. All you need is to just take the card or paper and then fold in halves (long-side to long-side). Cut some slits from those folded part within 2 to 3 inches of other edges. You need to now unfold as well as stick short edges with each other. Cut out a slim strip of either a card or paper. Now stick it with glue at the inner top so that it appears like a hanger or a handle. Finally use some colored stars or paint to decorate the whole thing beautifully.

Greeting cards: Yet other easy craft ideas for kids can be none other than making pretty greeting cards. This will literally save the money for you largely. You will not have the need to land up in a gift or card shop and spend few dollars. In fact, your loved ones will like it more if kids make something from their own hands. However, this idea is good for kids who are of younger age but older kids prefer internet to make their card these days, which are popularly called as “e-cards”.

Cardboard Tubes: This is one of the simple crafts for kids through which kids are always entertained and engaged. You can use these cardboard tubes to make cute dolls or racing car etc. Use tubes like pillars for your castle.

Tissue Papers: This is one of the best available materials that can be used by kids to turn it into a creative craft. It can be used to make butterflies, paper bowls and flowers. You can even use a bowl to mould it into a nice paste with the help of water and flour. You can start building layers with the paste and tissue papers.

Flowers: For flowers, use different layers of colored tissue papers as well as wire pieces or pipe cleaners for drawing them together at the center. You can spread some unique layers of petals and then fix it to slim bamboo cane.

5 Best Fun Arts And Summer Crafts For Kids

Summer time is back and I hope you know what it exactly means. It is the time when your kids will be home all the time. To make their holidays even more interesting, you can engage them in some fun arts and crafts. This way not only, they will enjoy and learn new things but they will never disturb you with anything further. All they need is few things that keep them interested to involve all the time.

crafts for girls

Summer crafts for kids – Fun arts and crafts ideas you must know

Are you still looking for some methods for keeping your children busy in their summer vacation? Keep them artistically entertained for several hours just with the below easy yet attractive fun arts and crafts activities:

1. Painting Rocks

Your children will love being outdoors as in gardens or backyards. You can often see them busy in painting the garden rocks and stones. Summer crafts are just incomplete without painting rocks. These are not only for boys but also for one of the best crafts for girls. You can supply them few acrylic paints as well as brushes and then allow them to make use of own imaginative ideas. They can either paint small objects as well as scenes on large rocks. They can even paint small stones in multi or single colors.

2. Photo Frames

Photo frames are something that can be very easily decorated or made in many ways. Ask the children to decide their beloved summer photographs so that they can be framed. You then have to supply them along with basic wooden or plastic frames. Now you can ask the kids to decorate every frame with the help of a theme, which matches the photos. This is one of the best fun arts and crafts to keep a kid engaged.

3. Wrapping Paper

Yet another crafts for girls as well as boys is wrapping paper. Let your children make various kinds of wrapping in order to employ throughout a year for wrapping up presents or gifts for their buddies as well as teachers. Give them some colorful paints as well as various household supplies for creating a variety of patterns at the paper. For example, cut vegetables, sponge, jar lids, carved buttons, etc. They can even make and then store some for the Christmas time.

4. Bead Crafts

Assorted beads with various shapes sizes and colors make it very interesting when we talk about craft supplies. This is one of the perfect summer crafts for kids that are truly entertaining. Children can create some bead art, themed jewelry, pins as well as small decorations just by stringing the beads onto the wire and bending the wire for creating shapes.

5. Playdough

Yet another summer crafts for kids or fun arts and crafts is none other than the homemade playdough. These are crafts for girls as well as boys and it is very interesting too. It is even the oldest summer crafts for kids and still most efficient in keeping the kids engaged. Give the children “summer project” for completing it at the end of the day in which every kid has to create summer scene with the help of few themed objects.

What Are Dining Pool Tables?

There is plethora of dining table sets in the market with unique styles matching your dining room colors that you will be confused in picking the right one. However, though there are many kinds of dining tables out there at the market, pool dining tables are something you must know about. Let us not waste any more time and get to know deeper about the dining pool tables.

Pool Dining Table – A New Trend

A pool dining table is one of the latest trends in the market. Until few years back, you hardly could find a separate place at your home for accommodating two massive tables whereas one was required as dining table to have meals whereas the other for entertainment and luxury oriented dining pool table. Now the situation is entirely different. You can take pleasure of your yummy food as well as play your favorite games in just one single table and that too obtaining single space at your house.

dining pool table

Today numerous of dining pool tables suiting all types of budgets are present at the market. You can very easily find the dining pool tables or pool dining tables satisfying your dining room colors. If you literally are looking forward to more of artistic, traditional and classic look then better to go with some expensive as well as bulky dining pool tables. The traditional pool dining table with complicated designing on its legs and texture gives you an experience of antiquity. As a result they are obviously more expensive. Some are bedded along with stones. You can also obtain traditional dining pool tables that are simple but most ordinary ones widely used are equally well-liked contemporary styled pool dining tables as for its light weight and compact features.

The pool diners are typically very extraordinary furniture piece with good looks even if they are in pool table or dining mode. The only difference is that dining pool table’s height is little higher when compared to ordinary dining table. It is about three inches higher. Therefore, remember this while ordering the chairs. Mostly, the manufacturers of pool dining tables supply the chairs with right height.

Another explanation for height trouble is to have rise & fall mechanism for elevating table while at pool play mode and then allow falling over for dining. This is common in snooker tables as well.

Now such pool dining table is not at all cheap. But prior rushing yourself off and then buying one, first ensure if you got sufficient space for it. Add 10 feet to table dimensions in order to acquire perfect cueing area.

There are diverse ways to achieve pool and dining transformation. Certain tables are at the market seen today are familiarly called as swivel tables. These are tables where table’s top is exactly swiveled in place for revealing pool’s table area. The various designs of pool dining tables encompass traditional as well as contemporary looks for fitting with the décor so that one can match with dining room colors.

3 Best Places For Cheap Small Dining Room Table Sets

Just like living rooms need sofa sets and bedrooms need bed, even a dining room needs wallpaper, curtains and dining room lights. This article will entirely focus on cheap dining room sets. Let us look in detail.

Dining room table sets

If you are wondering as to what the dining room table sets should contain then let me tell you. The small dining table sets include a table, chairs, sideboards, servers and buffets. When it comes to dining room table sets, you can see cheap dining room sets to expensive ones. It entirely depends on your budget. You need to pick the accurate dining room table sets as this plays a very vital role in highlighting your room up. Even if you go with cheap dining room sets or small dining tables, it is not wrong but you will have to make sure that it is completely comfortable for people to eat their meals.

dining room table sets

Your dining space is a location where all the family gathering takes place. The most significant dining furniture’s are dining chairs and table. You can see plethora of dining room table sets with unique designs, style that are matching with your home interiors. Therefore, it completely depends on your budget and taste. There are even certain places where you will find cheap dining room sets and small dining tables at good deals and offers. For people who desire more official appeal, he or she can prefer from formal tables as well as chairs designed in a way to look better. These kinds of furniture you will usually see at business class hotels wherein a business meeting is frequently held.

The special things about the modern dining rooms are that those are build with various materials that can look stylish and also serves the best when it comes to durability too. The finest dining room table sets are one that is made up of fine wood. Wooden dining table sets are preferred by most of the people as it is the most widely used. They are finest when it comes to features, looks, comfort as well as durability.

A wooden table can even have slight variations too. For instance, a table’s body is of wood and table’s top of glass. The glass topped dining table is a very good alternative to when compared to traditional wooden dining room table sets. They go with both casual as well as formal. The glass must be produced with a coating of thick fiber in order to prevent easy breakage. They are simple to maintain.

Cheap Dining Room Sets – 3 Best Places To Look For

Furnishing your residence can be costly, more than ever if your house is big. For houses with a dining room, receiving all the accurate furniture pieces might be a trouble at times as you will need everything right from your kitchen to your dining room. If you would like to obtain the furniture to be little cheaper, then there are numerous alternatives in hand. However, it takes considerably little luck and effort for finding the cheaper furniture. To find small dining tables or cheap dining room sets as well as some kitchen supplies, read on.

Garage sales

For some, it might be a problem of pride. However, a garage sale is one of the greatest sources for looking forward to cheap furniture. You need to keep an eye on the event in your local area. If you enter at this place, you will literally be able to see plenty of options. But beware: first you need to test the furniture before buying.


Yet another place to find cheap dining room sets can be none other than at the internet market. All you need is a computer with internet connection. Just browse through certain websites and look for offers and deals.

Surplus stores

Many furniture shops have supply of certain furniture that is left from earlier season’s stock. They might be wanting it to sell it for discounted rates.

Dining Room Lights, Curtains And Wallpapers

Before we get in detail about the dining room lights, dining room curtains and dining room wallpapers, I would recommend you to even go through the kitchen dining sets. Let us know each one in detail.

Dining room lights & ideas

A light is one of the most necessary aspects when we talk about decorating a house. They are very important in the main rooms such as dining room. Therefore, do not leave it out while deciding on design. There are wide ranges of alternatives to prefer from when it comes to dining room lights. You need to just be aware of few ideas and then even you can make your dining hall beautiful. Dining rooms are in requirement of fine lightings for the reason that function it plays at the home. It is frequently used for engaging people to enjoy talking as well as eating in a glowing room.

dining room curtains

Let us look on certain ideas so that one can easily implement while lighting the dining room. Let us also look as to how to make it wonderful with best dining room lights. It is significant to obtain it accurate the initial time in order to prevent paying lot. You will have to spotlight on letting people for having a pleasant eating experience. Therefore, right light balance is necessary.

  • The dining room should neither be too bright nor too dark.
  • An imperative factor to regard is none other than placing and sizing a dining table since it is typically the center point for the dining room. Accordingly place your dining room lights so that a table does not look dark or light.
  • Chandelier is one of the greatest ways for providing lights to your dining room. They create a posh look. These can be fixed right above your dining table and they do not even cost much.
  • Pendants are even a better alternative, whereas chandeliers have numerous lights and pendants usually have one. Pendants are even less expensive when it comes to lighting up your dining room.
  • Track lighting, recessed lighting and wall sconces are potential alternatives for dining rooms but it is not always suggested if you desire to acquire nice look. They are ideal for other rooms.

Dining room curtains

You can obtain different looks just by adjusting your dining room curtains. Changes are always our life’s part and in particular when it comes to interiors, it is even more vital.  Some homeowners wish for relaxing and organized look. Originally, stuffs go well. However, as time goes on, they fail to remember the significance of changing stuffs at least for once. You can renovate the total look of a room just by altering the dining room curtains.

  • You can include rich and luxurious fabrics at your part without even the need of spending much. The curtains create a magnificent feel. A warmth feel can be conveyed to your relatives or guests or friends. While you choose your dining room curtains, it has to be deep burgundy along with elegant golden details.
  • Enormous red tones inspire the appetite. Therefore, it is perfect so it is ideal for utilizing for the kitchen curtains. To form more formal environment, you can move on with nice golden hues.
  • The comfy appearance is great throughout special holidays. However, it easily fades along when holidays end. Combine different elements and colors for making it look entirely different.
  • You might consider preferring light or neutral toned materials along with gloomy burgundy linings.
  • You can even prefer deep burgundy as well as gold curtains.

Dining room wallpaper

Dining room wallpapers can look fantastic. You need to keep them simple and neat. You can obtain pretty similar consequence by just stenciling the wall. You can include custom design mixtures to wall. A stencil lets you to purely add accent to your wall. It covers the wall through patterns.

How To Choose Kitchen Dining Sets That Suit Your Lifestyle

In our home kitchen serves as a bonding place to our entire family and of course, it’s the place which entertains our friends as well. To tell the truth, in every home dining area is the only place that brings the people aside from their workstation.  As kitchen play a major role in our modern lifestyle, we should be careful in choosing the kitchen dining sets and furniture.

So if you are into purchase modern or formal dining room furniture, consider the below points.

What is the Size of Your Kitchen

If you are going out to shop for new kitchen table and chairs, first thing you  need to consider is none other than your size of the kitchen. You can’t put a large table in a small kitchen. It will take too much of space. Never ever a get a kitchen table that occupies most of your kitchen size. It restrict the movements in your dining room which will give you inconveniency while you work in your kitchen.

wooden dining tables

At the same time you shouldn’t also buy kitchen wooden dining tables that is too small for your dining hall. It may go excessively small to fulfill your needs.

Before you step out to purchase kitchen dining sets and table it is good to measure the size of your kitchen room and the size of the dining space you want to dedicate it for the furniture. It will help you to get a dining table in a perfect size.

If you want to find out how much space you can dedicate, you can lay set of newspapers on the floor. It will give you a vogue idea on the area which can be utilized. By doing so you can easily come up with the size of the table that can comfortably fits with your kitchen.

Style of Your Kitchen

Once you have decided on your kitchen size, next thing you need to consider here is the style of your kitchen. Your kitchen may be built with the contemporary style, rustic country style or casual style. Do your kitchen built with the themes like rooster or floral?

When you built a kitchen with the cozy rustic country theme, selecting a kitchen dining sets like chairs and tables which are made up of metallic or contemporary styled will not be suitable. Unless otherwise you are ready to alter your kitchen theme that suits to your desired dining sets, it is suggested to select the one which fits the current theme.

When your kitchen is built with cozy rustic country based theme, I suggest you to go with the rectangular wooden dining tables that made out of pine along with the sturdy legs.

If your kitchen is built in a contemporary style, you can opt for a rounded meta glass dining sets. Choosing the bar-stool type chairs will make it more suitable.

Mix & Match

If you have a mix and match style that is both contemporary and rustic themes, you can consider selecting the formal dining room furniture that do not exactly match with your theme. It will give a fun amusing look to your kitchen.

You can also have your chairs match with your table. In this case, try to select the chair pads In  totally different styles. It will give you a really fresh look to any type of kitchen. Since its only a chair pad, you can change it as and when you like. You can change it as per the season and as per your mood.

Lifestyle and usage

Finally when you purchase kitchen dining sets, choose it according to your lifestyle. For example if your family need to spend more time on dining table to do their work or their projects, choosing the glass topped metal or wooden dining table will not be a right choice


4 Easy Do It Yourself Crafts To Work With Your Kids

We have engineering everywhere. Can you imagine things like vehicles, gadgets, high-tech tools ,computers or anything without a smart engineering? Children have a sharp mind and they can understand the principles pretty well but teaching them without a demonstration will not help a lot. You can make your children to know it better through do it yourself crafts ideas,

As our kids are engaging themselves with the internet and Ipod, finding the time to spend together will become a toughest task. Anyhow make them stay away from their gaming consoles and other electronic devices for a little while and make do them engage with the diy paper crafts which I have explained below.

To do these DIY paper crafts you will need few materials all are super-easy. It is suitable for kids & adults of any age group.

kids craft supplies

Handprint card

This is one of the easiest do it yourself crafts which you can do it quickly. It is more subtle for the younger kids i.e., preschoolers. To do this handprint card you don’t need to have any special kind of skill or material. All you need to have are just paint, scissors and construction paper. With this DIY craft you can add beads, glitters and feathers.

Required Things 

  • Construction paper
  • Colored paint
  • Scissors

By doing these kinds of do it yourself crafts, you can spend more time with your kids and family. These crafts will engage yourself with something they love .Materials used in the project are more budget-friendly. So it frees you from the burden of spending loads of money.

Candy necklace

Next one in our diy paper crafts ideas is involved with candy. So your kid will not going to refuse to join with you in this project. This yummy craft idea is easy to make and it is involved with easy budget friendly kids craft supplies. You can customize this candy necklace project with your kids allergies, tastes or according any other preferences. If you prefer fruits over candy, you can do this with the jelly beans, Starbursts or gummy bears.

Required things

  • mixture of stringable candy
  • Multicolored floss or strings – six
  • circle cereal – one to two boxes
  • flavored ring candy – four to five packages

Confetti and bead launcher

It is more suitable to do with your family on the big occasions like New Year’s Eve, Wedding days,  Birthday’s  or any event in which you can use confetti.  One of the amazing thing we can say about this diy paper crafts is, you don’t need to spend a lot. You will not even need a fancy launcher. You can make use of even an old paper roll too.

Required Things

  • Colored electrical tape
  • Nail
  • Craft knife
  • Rubber band
  • Old paper towel tube
  • beads or Confetti
  • Hammer

Flower prints

Do you have a garden full of flowers which spreads different kinds of blossoms ? Then you can do this project at free of cost. It is more suitable for the spring season. Besides being as kids do it yourself craft ideas, it can be used to smarten up your old plates, pillows, frames and mugs. You can complete this project in not more than one hour and with few kids craft supplies. This craft idea will do wonder when you use it on your daughter’s birthday party. You can make this done by providing plain cloth or any other fabric.

Things Required

  • Paper bags
  • White fabric
  • Fresh flowers
  • Hammer

How To Make & Play With Origami Fortune Teller?

Do you know how to make an origami fortune teller? If your answer is no, you are going to learn it now. You can make your dear ones to have a try with your fortune teller. Make them to go with it and lead them to some nice message. Make sure you are leading them towards a message that makes them happy. Don’t make the people to land up with the horrible messages. Okay, now let’s make the origami fortune teller with the piece of paper.

origami fortune teller

Things you will need to make fortune teller origami

  • A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, pens and paints

Step 1

Get an A4 size paper & fold it from the bottom left to the top. Repeat the fold far as you can. Now take the scissors. You can find a rectangle shape on the right corner of the A4 paper. To get the fortune teller in a perfect shape, you should cut them off.

Step 2

Once you finish the extra pieces, make sure the piece of paper you hold it in your hand is in the square shape. Now fold every corner of this square into middle.

Step 3

Repeat the step 2 and start to fold the remaining tiny square to nearly half.

Step 4

This step is somewhat critical. You have to be careful here. Because it’s time to play with your finger through origami fortune teller. Move the piece of paper like a portrait and them change it to landscape

Step 5

We will need crayons or pens at this stage. Totally, we will have 8 squares. Paint all the 4 squares with one color and the rest with other. Open the fortune teller origami with your fingers and put number on i.

Step 6

Repeat step 5 and paint the other side of the squares(another 8). Once you fill the numbers in all squares, start to write a message on each of the square. At this stage, we will have 4 colors, 8 messages and 8 numbers.

Step 7

Now get any one from your family or from your friend circle. Make them play with this origami fortune teller and lead them to a pleasant message.

You can also check out the video to create your own origami fortune teller

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

To whom it will be interesting?

It is a great game for the preschoolers and babysitters.

How to play with origami fortune teller?

You can begin the game by firing an yes or no question or if you want to start with the random saying, just make the people to pick a word of their choice from the outside squares.

When the person states his questions loud, make him to pick one of the color on the square. For example if the color is “white”,  play with your fingers like forth and back for each and every letter “w”,”h”,”i”,”t”,”e”.

Now make the person to choose one of the number from the inside of the square. Move the cootie catcher front and fourth to equal to the number of their choice. Stop the fortune teller and make the person to pick a final number and make them open the flap. Here you have arrived at an answer to his question.

Initially this fortune teller origami may seem as a hard one. Once you get used to it, it will come handy. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can write up to 2 things under one flap.

You can write the messages that goes hand in hand with some one’s personal life or with the more common things just as ” you are going to have a title of American Idol this year” .

Just as we made a fortune teller with origami, you can make origami with money. It can be designed in many different shapes. Most common one is butterfly design.