Best And Easy Easter Craft Ideas For toddlers

Art and craft ideas for toddlers can help them to learn about the creativities. The great way for enhancing the talents of the young kids is by allowing them to participate in the art and crafts project. Indeed, there are thousands of arts and crafts for toddlers, for every preferences and taste. The artwork assigned to kids must provide not only the fun but also it should educate them. Reasoning, judgment skills, leaning parts of the brain can be improved by doing the art activities. Sometimes buying the art materials and craft kits will be quite costly, so the homemade things can be used for doing crafts works.

arts and crafts for toddlers

Following are some of the easter crafts for toddlers:

 Easter egg painting:

  • This art ideas for kids includes non-toxic for coloring the eggshells, this can be used as the centerpiece in the table or it can be hanged with a thread on the tree branches.

Bunny ears:

  • The adult can be assigned with doing the bunny ears. Make an outside note, do not be too straight and use exciting colors for painting the bunny ears to make it look exciting and more professional.

Giant Easter mosaic:

  • Allow the walls to the kids for drawing or pasting or painting the pictures that are related to Easter.
  • We can use this as a photo backdrop for taking pictures with our friends and relatives as souvenirs.

Easter bag:

  • This is simple craft ideas for toddlers, use paper bags for gathering the small toys, candies and other freebies.
  • Put them inside a bag and even tags can be added for more attractiveness. Ribbons, mini toys, flowers, voila, paper toys and other handmade cards can be added in the bags.

Paper Easter bunny:

  • After drawing the paper bunny, colors or paint can be used for the paper plates, readymade jiggy eyes can be pasted on the plates.
  • Magazine pictures, art papers can be by children for making the paper Easter bunny.

Stained Glass Egg:

  • Stained glass egg is one of the best Easter crafts for toddlers; this brings a great look for the home.
  • First large egg shape must be made, after that paste some tissue papers over it. The paste we made muse be little watery.
  • Different patterns with multi colors or the children can paste the multi colors in a random manner on the egg shape.
  • When the egg shape gets dry hang it on the window. This will give a pleasant and great look during the nighttime.


Foot Bunnies:

  • Making cute child’s foot bunnies will be excellent souvenir. Use white or grey paper for tracing the foot of the toddlers.
  • Pink and white ears can be used for pasting it on the bunny’s head. The features are to be drawn on the bunny then add cotton balls or pipe cleaners to the tail and nose.

Make a Robot:

  • The art and craft for toddlers can include making robot; this is best application to kids of all ages.
  • Some preplanning has to b made for making robots like tin foil, cereal packets, collect toilet rolls and other materials that we like.
  • Creating the robot depends upon the ability of a child. The child must be helped for making ribbon toilet rolls for the box to make the body of robots and paste the buttons for the eyes.
  • The adult can do on their own with little help of their parents. Poster paint can also be used for painting the robot.

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