5 Best Fun Arts And Summer Crafts For Kids

Summer time is back and I hope you know what it exactly means. It is the time when your kids will be home all the time. To make their holidays even more interesting, you can engage them in some fun arts and crafts. This way not only, they will enjoy and learn new things but they will never disturb you with anything further. All they need is few things that keep them interested to involve all the time.

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Summer crafts for kids – Fun arts and crafts ideas you must know

Are you still looking for some methods for keeping your children busy in their summer vacation? Keep them artistically entertained for several hours just with the below easy yet attractive fun arts and crafts activities:

1. Painting Rocks

Your children will love being outdoors as in gardens or backyards. You can often see them busy in painting the garden rocks and stones. Summer crafts are just incomplete without painting rocks. These are not only for boys but also for one of the best crafts for girls. You can supply them few acrylic paints as well as brushes and then allow them to make use of own imaginative ideas. They can either paint small objects as well as scenes on large rocks. They can even paint small stones in multi or single colors.

2. Photo Frames

Photo frames are something that can be very easily decorated or made in many ways. Ask the children to decide their beloved summer photographs so that they can be framed. You then have to supply them along with basic wooden or plastic frames. Now you can ask the kids to decorate every frame with the help of a theme, which matches the photos. This is one of the best fun arts and crafts to keep a kid engaged.

3. Wrapping Paper

Yet another crafts for girls as well as boys is wrapping paper. Let your children make various kinds of wrapping in order to employ throughout a year for wrapping up presents or gifts for their buddies as well as teachers. Give them some colorful paints as well as various household supplies for creating a variety of patterns at the paper. For example, cut vegetables, sponge, jar lids, carved buttons, etc. They can even make and then store some for the Christmas time.

4. Bead Crafts

Assorted beads with various shapes sizes and colors make it very interesting when we talk about craft supplies. This is one of the perfect summer crafts for kids that are truly entertaining. Children can create some bead art, themed jewelry, pins as well as small decorations just by stringing the beads onto the wire and bending the wire for creating shapes.

5. Playdough

Yet another summer crafts for kids or fun arts and crafts is none other than the homemade playdough. These are crafts for girls as well as boys and it is very interesting too. It is even the oldest summer crafts for kids and still most efficient in keeping the kids engaged. Give the children “summer project” for completing it at the end of the day in which every kid has to create summer scene with the help of few themed objects.

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