4 Easy Do It Yourself Crafts To Work With Your Kids

We have engineering everywhere. Can you imagine things like vehicles, gadgets, high-tech tools ,computers or anything without a smart engineering? Children have a sharp mind and they can understand the principles pretty well but teaching them without a demonstration will not help a lot. You can make your children to know it better through do it yourself crafts ideas,

As our kids are engaging themselves with the internet and Ipod, finding the time to spend together will become a toughest task. Anyhow make them stay away from their gaming consoles and other electronic devices for a little while and make do them engage with the diy paper crafts which I have explained below.

To do these DIY paper crafts you will need few materials all are super-easy. It is suitable for kids & adults of any age group.

kids craft supplies

Handprint card

This is one of the easiest do it yourself crafts which you can do it quickly. It is more subtle for the younger kids i.e., preschoolers. To do this handprint card you don’t need to have any special kind of skill or material. All you need to have are just paint, scissors and construction paper. With this DIY craft you can add beads, glitters and feathers.

Required Things 

  • Construction paper
  • Colored paint
  • Scissors

By doing these kinds of do it yourself crafts, you can spend more time with your kids and family. These crafts will engage yourself with something they love .Materials used in the project are more budget-friendly. So it frees you from the burden of spending loads of money.

Candy necklace

Next one in our diy paper crafts ideas is involved with candy. So your kid will not going to refuse to join with you in this project. This yummy craft idea is easy to make and it is involved with easy budget friendly kids craft supplies. You can customize this candy necklace project with your kids allergies, tastes or according any other preferences. If you prefer fruits over candy, you can do this with the jelly beans, Starbursts or gummy bears.

Required things

  • mixture of stringable candy
  • Multicolored floss or strings – six
  • circle cereal – one to two boxes
  • flavored ring candy – four to five packages

Confetti and bead launcher

It is more suitable to do with your family on the big occasions like New Year’s Eve, Wedding days,  Birthday’s  or any event in which you can use confetti.  One of the amazing thing we can say about this diy paper crafts is, you don’t need to spend a lot. You will not even need a fancy launcher. You can make use of even an old paper roll too.

Required Things

  • Colored electrical tape
  • Nail
  • Craft knife
  • Rubber band
  • Old paper towel tube
  • beads or Confetti
  • Hammer

Flower prints

Do you have a garden full of flowers which spreads different kinds of blossoms ? Then you can do this project at free of cost. It is more suitable for the spring season. Besides being as kids do it yourself craft ideas, it can be used to smarten up your old plates, pillows, frames and mugs. You can complete this project in not more than one hour and with few kids craft supplies. This craft idea will do wonder when you use it on your daughter’s birthday party. You can make this done by providing plain cloth or any other fabric.

Things Required

  • Paper bags
  • White fabric
  • Fresh flowers
  • Hammer

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