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General Trivia Questions And Answers

If you are looking forward to some general trivia questions and answers, then this article will help you a lot. It describes you about not only general trivia questions and answers but also throws little light on animal trivia questions as well. Let us look about them in detail.

general trivia questions and answers

General Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is the number of countries in UN?

Answer is 192

2. Which is the dog breed, which is recognized for its special spotted coat?

Answer is Dalmatian

3. The Horseshoe Falls and American falls are popularly known as?

Answer is Niagara Falls

4. Which is the race that is also called – “Most exciting 2 minutes of sports”

Answer is “The Kentucky Derby”

5. During April 21, 1926, who was there at 17, Burton Street at London?

Answer is Queen Elizabeth II

6. Which scientist had his nickname as “Wizard of Menlo Park?”

Answer is Thomas Edison

7. In which novel does Paul Baumer play a major character?

Answer is All Quiet on the Western Front

8. Who discovered dynamite?

Answer is Alfred Nobel

9. Who are ziggurats?

Answer is Temple Towers or stepped towers

10.  During which year did the first Olympic international games held?

Answer is 1896

Animal Trivia Questions

1. Which is the world’s biggest nocturnal primate, which can literally fit in one’s palm very easily?

Answer is Aye Aye

2. Which animal is also called as the “little armored”?

Answer is Armadillo

3. Which is the animal that has its nickname as “Best of Nile”?

Answer is Hippopotamus

4. Which is the amazing animal that does not have the need for drinking water in order to survive?

Answer is Kangaroo Rat

5. The smallest primate of this world is?

Answer is mouse lemur

Cloud And Faith Tattoo Designs

When you are thinking about designing a tattoo, it is always good to use tattoo design software so that you are not stuck with the wrong designs. You can do a research at the internet market so that you can get many suggestions on it. However, have you ever imagined as to what the best tattoo designs are? If you do not know, then you will have to read this article as it tells you about two incredible tattoo designs, which are as follows:

  • Faith tattoo designs
  • Cloud tattoo designs

Let us look each one in detail.

cloud tattoo designs

Faith tattoo designs and Cloud Tattoo Designs

Below is the list of best faith tattoo designs, which are just incredible and are high in demand.

  1. Cross Tattoos: These tattoos are the most well liked tattoos these days. It symbolizes hope, belief, sacrifice and faith. These kinds of tattoos sometimes represent the one who was very close to you but is no more in this world.
  2. Butterfly Tattoos: The tattoo designs involving butterflies are often preferred by women. These tattoos have deep different meanings and come in wide range of unique designs.
  3. Dragon Tattoos: Tattoos involving dragons are always popular and are never out of fashion.  These kinds of standard tattoos are always popular among both women and men. It originated from Japanese, Chinese, and they portrays basic four elements that are wind, earth, fire and water.
  4. Crown Tattoos: The crown tattoo designs symbolize authority and leadership. Many people make use of crown tattoos for displaying power and command.
  5. Love Tattoos: Love tattoos are always popular. There are different variations in this tattoo. It is like showing devotion and love towards someone.
  6. Angel Tattoos: This design typically represents protection as well as faith an individual has towards God. These tattoo designs also indicates guidance. It is very rare to see. People use an angel tattoo like memorial for their loved one.
  7. Tribal Tattoos: These tattoos are always into fashion and will continue to be popular. Tribal always covers wide collection of designs.
  8. Star Tattoos: Star tattoos literally signifies symbol of hope and truth. These tattoo designs are too popular. It is also believed that these star tattoos also represents struggle against dark forces. Some of the most admired designs for star tattoos are hexagram and pentagram star.
  9. Phoenix Tattoos: “Phoenix” is one of the legendary birds that represent fire. The tattoo designs of this Phoenix tattoos represents resurrection and rebirth.
  10. Wing Tattoos: These designs literally have spiritual as well as inspirational meaning. It symbolizes freedom, speed and elevation. These are often linked with the angel tattoos.

Cloud Tattoo Designs

faith tattoo designs

The cloud tattoo designs are generally associated with angel tattoos as well as wing tattoos. These kinds of tattoos are popular in both females as well as men. There is wide range of collections out there at the internet market and you can pick one that suits you.

Online tattoo creator

Tools are always handy to help you know as to how a tattoo design will literally look on you. One wrong design and you will have to end up doing surgeries in the hospital to remove it if they are permanent. This is literally expensive as well as very risky. It can even cause damage to your skin. Though there are many tools out there, you need to pick the best out of them. Let us see what the ideal tools are for this:


Cool Homemade Crafts For Kids

Art and crafts for kids are always one of the best things to keep your little ones engaged as well as entertained. It will not only help in building up the creativity inside but also it has potential career. As your kid grows up doing amazing crafts, you can save a lot of money. They do not have the need to go to a gift shop to present something for someone. They can start doing it right away at home. There are many activities for kids at home, which can be done with the stuffs lying around your house.

Homemade Crafts for Kids – Cool Crafts To Make

activities for kids at home

It is quite often hard to keep up your kid entertained at times if they are not involved in the kind of activity they are participating. To keep up your kid’s interest, you should hold an interesting as well as a fun project. The excellent projects are the ones, which also allow adults to take part, manage and provide a helping hand if it is necessary. Activities for kids at home are many but the one ideal project, which is definite to please, is none other than making up a homemade guitar. In fact, this is one of the cool crafts to make. Below are the basic requirements, which you will need so that it is perfectly for an individual to do it. Here is the list of things as to what you will literally need:

  • Box with a lid (shoe box is just right)
  • Cardboard tube
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Extensive elastic bands
  • Two pencils
  • Aluminum foil
  • Art accessories

This is one of the best homemade crafts for kids. Following are the systematic guide that helps in making a guitar for your kid. In fact, this is one of the best activities for kids at home to proceed with.

Step 1: Cut a hole or opening at lid of a box and leave it for five centimeters strip at the sides and three centimeters at the bottom as well as top. You need to then, cut two thinner slots each of equal length.

Step 2: Cut out a hole at the box’s end, which needs to be little, large so that it can fit a cardboard roll inside easily.

Step 3: You now need to cover up cardboard rolls with the help of foil so that you can place it throughout a box’s hole. You need to protect it with the help of a tape.

Step 4: Now you need to tape the box’s lid with the help of a foil. You need to cut the foil out from holes on the lid.

Step 5: Then you will have to place few stretchable rubber bands at the box from an end to the other. For producing better sound, you need to wrap pencils along with foil. Then fix it under entire elastic bands. For creating various sounds with every string, you need to employ various lengths and size elastics or you can even wrap tighter.

Step 6: Finally this guitar is then decorated with the help of stickers, paint, magazine clippings or any other stuffs you wish to.

By following the above 6 simple steps, I bet your kid will have a beautiful homemade guitar! According to me, it is the best cool crafts to make at your home. You do not even have to spend much. Your children can now create different music and might even develop a hobby for music soon.


How To Design A Tattoo Online?

Who is not in love with tattoos? It has been practiced since ages. Now they are into fashion and trend is growing to an extreme extent. If you desire to design a unique tattoo with your own style, then you can as the internet technology has grown largely. Using some tools, you can literally start to design your own tattoo online. If you are wondering as to how to design my own tattoo, then this article will help you largely. Many tattoo design software out there will help you to customize as well as design your own tattoo.

How to design a tattoo online?

design my own tattoo

If you are literally wondering as to how to design my own tattoo still, then read on. There are certain tools in online that can help you in this. If those standard flash pictures are not getting well for you, then you can start to design a tattoo online. It is not necessary that you will have to be an artist to design a tattoo. Just a little help from internet and you have your outstanding design in your hand.

Design Conception

If you literally have a concept, as to what you require but do not know as to how to design then try using a website, which provides custom works depending on the idea. Some websites provide up to ten custom designs depending on the suggested concept. These websites include:

  • Create My Tattoo: This website connects you with tattoo artists who will draw the tattoo according to your wish and gives you the option of making custom designs through contest format. Simply explain or portray your idea. Then post the value you are ready to give for the selected design (starting low with $20 and increases depending on complexity). It is guaranteed that you will exactly get 10 designs so that you can choose among.
  • This website gives wide range of ways for designing the tattoo. It includes options for making custom designs as well. To begin with-it, you will have to give up a basic description of the design idea you have got with placement details. A tattoo artist gives you advice as well as feedback, and then ultimately comes up with the custom design. Pricing varies if the design is complex.

Tattoo design software – how does it help you in making your tattoo design?

Tattoo lovers typically have difficult time while deciding a design that is right for their skin as well as body. This is literally, because the designs selected will possibly exist for a long time. This is why people desire to see many designs so that they can select the best one and have their dream tattoo done on body. Since the tattoos are permanent, one has to undergo surgery to have it removed if in case they happen to change the tattoo. This is really risky as well as expensive. To have your dream tattoo, you need to choose wisely and think many times before you pick up.

One of the major problems of choosing a tattoo is that you will never know as to what your dream tattoo should be about. This is when websites help you largely. The biggest problem in finding the best tattoo for yourself is that nobody knows what your dream is.

The good news for tattoo passionate is that you no more have to be bothered about those wrong designs, as it is possible for you to design the tattoo according to your wish with the help of software. The best tattoo design software is none other than “Tattoo Director”. This software allows you in creating your own designs of tattoos easily.

Best Free Tattoo Creator Online

It is no harder to design the tattoos. With the help of some online tattoo designer tools, you can very easily design as well as customize them according to your wish and will. There is plethora of tattoo creator online that you will be perplexed as to which to pick and which to not. However, this article will help you to know about some tools of tattoo maker online. Let us look about it in detail.

5 Best tattoo creator free websites

Today almost everyone just loves tattoos. There are people who often hunt for some tools on tattoo creator online. It is little hard to acquire the right kind of tattoo because you might want it to be according to your wish. It should satisfy all your needs. Besides, you might want it to be unique. There are certain factors or questions, which you must look for before you step into the designing process of tattoos. These questions are as follows:

tattoo maker online

  • How will you find the right tattoo that represents your personality?
  • Will your tattoo go in accordance with your style?
  • Do you have any story behind getting yourself done with a tattoo?
  • Does the tattoo speak about you?

If you are not a good tattoo artist, then it is suggested to look forward with certain tattoo flash. Flash is the tattoo jargon involving tattoo designs, which are pre-drawn. You will frequently see many books associated with them at any good tattoo parlor. Perfectly, the flash must show you as to what sort of styles is your artist capable of. Therefore, every shop will have unique flash. However, you cannot go to every shop hoping that to find something. That is where some tools about tattoo creator free come to handy. There is plethora out there but following are some of the best ones.

  1. Flash and Furious: The only drawback of this tattoo creator free tool is that this website is in French. Therefore, what should people do when they do not know French? However, when you look at the tattoos, you will just go crazy and forget about the language because there are just awesome that it truly makes you forget everything. With more than 2500, designs that are broken or divided into six categories, you ill for sure find something that you will like.
  2. Tattoo Tribes: This is completely free as well as the best tattoo maker online along with incredible features. There are many tattoo designs for free to look out here. Designs are just clear and crisp. You can even download as well as print the high-resolution tattoo pictures so that you can take them to the artist.
  3. Tribal Shapes: Tattoos are truly incomplete without tribal arts. This website has plenty of tattoos that are tribe oriented. In general, the tribal tattoos will use stylized pictures as well as black broad strokes. There are 3D as well as 2D tattoos over here. This is the best tattoo maker online.
  4. Old Timer Tattoo: If you are literally looking forward to some authentic older school flash, then this website is ideal for you. The drawings were initially done during late 1970′s. Some are neat renditions that are of sailor styled tattoos. You will see few tattoos that tend towards stoner-side of 60′s as well as 70′s.
  5. Tattoos by Design: This website out of UK is likely a community website along with flash, forums and photos. Unluckily, the flash side costs nearly $19 per year, if you happen to join. However, you only need to join to get full size images of the flash. However, you can even see small images of the tattoos.

How To Design Your Own Tattoo?

Just like you, even I am a tattoo fan. There are times when you might like few designs and few you might not. This is the time, when a thought crosses as to wish I could design my own tattoo. If you are someone, who desires to design your own tattoo online, then this article will definitely help you a lot. Let us start with it without wasting time.

Designing your own tattoo online

When you start with the tattoo design, you will have certain expectations, which are as follows:

  • You will definitely want your tattoo be 100% unique
  • You might want to express yourself with the tattoo
  • You might have a nice story behind the tattoo or there might be some reason behind getting it
  • You might have seen many tattoo designs but you want get an idea from it and make your own style

May whatever the thing is, if you are passionate about tattoos, then look forward for a tattoo like an amazing art piece. It will express some sort of belief or emotion. There are big tattoo databases at the internet, which is of great help. You can very easily shift up through lots of detailed designs. This just takes some time and if you are truly excited about it, you will not even get tired of searching. There is some software for tattoo designer online that can help you acquire the best of what you want. Among all the tools, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best tools to design your own tattoo or you can even use a normal paint. However, if you want advanced options, it is better to go with Photoshop.

online tattoo designer

5 Best Paid As Well As Free Online Tattoo Designer Tools

However, many online tools will always help you in designing as well as customizing tattoos according to your wish. There are some tools, which are just the best for designing a tattoo in your own way. Let us look at the list.

  1. Online Tattoo Maker: This is one of the best online tattoo designer tools found at internet market. This tool will help you give amazing access to those huge databases comprising thousands of tattoos.
  2. Create MyTattoo: This is the perfect website, where an individual can easily submit an idea or concept of custom tattoo. Then a person receives about 12+ offers from some artists who are literally active on the website. It is one of the great concepts and you will actually find plenty of registered artists at the website. This is truly worth and for the money, you spend! This is a paid tool.
  3. Virtual Tattoo Editor: This is one of the ideal tools, which is similar to the above Online Tattoo Maker above. It gives a person, access to wide collection of tattoo designs. Nevertheless, it also lets you working with your own designs.
  4. eKeyTattoos: It is the perfect online tattoo designer tool that offers free trial version as well as the premium version along with many advanced features. Visit this website and check out introduction video so that you will get to know as to how this tool literally works.  Then you can proceed by designing your own tattoo online.
  5. InkGenerator: This is one of the best tattoo designer online tools, which focuses on quality lettering tattoos. It lets you in creating different fonts. Once you design it, you can literally check out as to how it will appear if it is done over the skin.

Christian Crafts For Kids – What Should You Do?

Though there are many activities for kids at home to do, the most interesting can be none other than the Christian crafts for kids in origami style. This article concentrates on three unique things, which are as follows:

  • Christian crafts for kids
  • Origami Christmas ornaments
  • Origami Christmas decorations

Let us look each one in detail

origami christmas ornaments

Christian crafts for kids

An ideal subject to start up your crafts is none other but with is a story creation. If you are not getting any idea, then you can kick start with creating an innovative or creative wheel. There are many materials and supplies, which you require for this:

  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Cotton balls
  • Paper fasteners
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Lightweight cardboard

You must cut circles from lightweight cardboard and corrugated cardboard with the diameter of about 12- inches. There has to be eight wedges on corrugated cardboard. Ensure that they are of same size. A lightweight cardboard requires one wedge a little smaller than those at corrugated cardboard. The kids will now draw a Creation story at 8 created wedges. The foremost spot has a title – “The Creation Story.”

With the help of markers, kids decorate the wheel so that they can tell some information on 7 days created by God. You will have to review every day and write it on the chalkboard so that children will have a reference even if they tend to forget.

  • Segment 1: This will be during God divided light from the dark.
  • Segment 2: This will be during God made sky; for this, children can use cotton for making clouds.
  • Segment 3: This will be the lands separated from sea.
  • Segment 4: This is when God had put up sun, moon and stars at the sky.
  • Segment 5: This is when God created birds for sky and fish for sea.
  • Segment 6: This is when God created humankind and animals on earth.
  • Segment 7: This is when God rested.

The wheel can be decorated with colorful paints so that it comes out beautifully with the right message.

Origami Christmas Ornaments and Origami Christmas Decorations

It is incomplete to have your Christmas without the Christmas tree decorated beautifully. Why not to include origami Christmas ornaments and origami Christmas decorations this time. It truly is fun. It will cost you less rather than buying stuffs from outside. All you need is to put some effort. To decorate the Christmas tree, one does not require to spend money. The best wonderfully decorated Christmas tree will often make use of most inexpensive stuffs for decor. Decorating the Christmas tree is an amazing activity not only for you but also for the entire family as you can come up with innovative and creative ideas. You need to use your individual style and taste so that you can have interesting decorating thoughts.

Here are few ideas, which you might need to draw motivation from and particularly while decorating on your budget. The simplest design is by cutting out some pictures from prior Christmas cards. Then color the backside with either gold or silver paint. Now just hang them at the tree with the help of a shiny ribbon loop. This idea literally works well for Christmas trees.

Rather than spending cash on those expensive glass balls, you will be able to, just do on your own. Just get colored glass or plastic balls and coat it with glitter. Yet another creative option is by sticking some jewels. You can even try to make some Christmas ornaments, which are old and give them a new touch.

Origami collectibles just look incredible as well as creative when it comes to ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just need to buy an origami volume with systematic instructions as to how to design with papers. You can literally make anything with the help of papers. It can be from storks, snowflakes or anything by just folding paper. You can make same figure with various colors for an ideal themed look.

Easy Art And Crafts Ideas For Kids

If you truly are finding it, hard to keep your children entertained then this article will help you with some art ideas for kids. In fact, Art and crafts for kids are the best ways to keep them engaged as well as entertained. However, there are some complex as well as easy craft ideas for kids. Let us look in detail about it.

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

The following are few easy art ideas for kids, which are truly inexpensive as well as simple to make. It is one of the best entertainment ideas to follow for your kids. Either you will see these things lying around your home or you can go to a good craft shop and get the stuffs.

art and crafts for kids

Pipe Cleaners: it is one of the ideal stuff for children since they bend easily and you can shape them accordingly. You can make some creative things out of it and have them painted with colorful paints.

Egg Box: These kinds of boxes are always the best as it can come up with some creative stuff. Cut the egg holder and then turn it over upside down. You will instantly have a nice insect body. You can now make some slits or perhaps use hole punch in order to insert the pipe cleaner so that it looks like wings or legs. Paint it with good colors and then make face or the way you like it.

Chinese Lanterns: Arts and crafts for kids are always amazing. Making some lovely Chinese lanterns is one of the best art ideas for kids. Colored papers or thin cards can be used to make some amazing Chinese lanterns. All you need is to just take the card or paper and then fold in halves (long-side to long-side). Cut some slits from those folded part within 2 to 3 inches of other edges. You need to now unfold as well as stick short edges with each other. Cut out a slim strip of either a card or paper. Now stick it with glue at the inner top so that it appears like a hanger or a handle. Finally use some colored stars or paint to decorate the whole thing beautifully.

Greeting cards: Yet other easy craft ideas for kids can be none other than making pretty greeting cards. This will literally save the money for you largely. You will not have the need to land up in a gift or card shop and spend few dollars. In fact, your loved ones will like it more if kids make something from their own hands. However, this idea is good for kids who are of younger age but older kids prefer internet to make their card these days, which are popularly called as “e-cards”.

Cardboard Tubes: This is one of the simple crafts for kids through which kids are always entertained and engaged. You can use these cardboard tubes to make cute dolls or racing car etc. Use tubes like pillars for your castle.

Tissue Papers: This is one of the best available materials that can be used by kids to turn it into a creative craft. It can be used to make butterflies, paper bowls and flowers. You can even use a bowl to mould it into a nice paste with the help of water and flour. You can start building layers with the paste and tissue papers.

Flowers: For flowers, use different layers of colored tissue papers as well as wire pieces or pipe cleaners for drawing them together at the center. You can spread some unique layers of petals and then fix it to slim bamboo cane.

Pop Culture & Pub Trivia Questions And Answers

Good trivia questions are always an interesting game to play with. You can test your brains with the help of good trivia questions. Though there are many categories in trivia, I will be concentrating on two categories that are none other than the below.

  • Pop culture trivia
  • Pub trivia questions

Let us look each one in detail.

pub trivia questions

Pop Culture trivia questions

1. Who was popularly called as La Divina?

Answer: Maria Callas

2. In Monopoly game, which color is land Fleet Street?

Answer: Red

3. Who painted well known – The Scream?

Answer: Edvard Munch

4. Kate Moss, a well admired supermodel ushered in a waif look for which US clothing company?

Answer: Calvin Klein

5. The 1st cycle was manufactured during the year 1817. Is it correct or incorrect?

Answer: Correct because it was made by a famous man named Baron Drais

6. Which Dutch mimic painter was famed for painting sun flowers?

Answer: Vincent Gogh

7. Mermaid, Nobby,  Miami and Kirra are signifies what kind of names?

Answer: Beaches on Gold coast

8. Tarragindi, Wooloowin, Indooroopilly are suburbs of which city in Australia?

Answer: Brisbane

9. A skin disease Urticaris is also populalrly known as?

Answer: Hives

10. The greatest triangle side is called as?

Answer: Hypotenuse

Pub trivia questions

1. Who portrayed “Meathead” character in “All in family”?

Answer: Rob Reiner

2. NBC sitcom, aired between the year 1993 and 2004, which television program has numerous Emmy awards?

Answer: Frazier

3. In which popular sitcoms were Mindy and Mork were a spinoff?

Answer: Happy Days

4. Which is the biggest instrument in ordinary string quartet?

Answer: Cello

5. Which musical instrument did Jack take away from Beanstalk giant?

Answer: Harp

5 Best Fun Arts And Summer Crafts For Kids

Summer time is back and I hope you know what it exactly means. It is the time when your kids will be home all the time. To make their holidays even more interesting, you can engage them in some fun arts and crafts. This way not only, they will enjoy and learn new things but they will never disturb you with anything further. All they need is few things that keep them interested to involve all the time.

crafts for girls

Summer crafts for kids – Fun arts and crafts ideas you must know

Are you still looking for some methods for keeping your children busy in their summer vacation? Keep them artistically entertained for several hours just with the below easy yet attractive fun arts and crafts activities:

1. Painting Rocks

Your children will love being outdoors as in gardens or backyards. You can often see them busy in painting the garden rocks and stones. Summer crafts are just incomplete without painting rocks. These are not only for boys but also for one of the best crafts for girls. You can supply them few acrylic paints as well as brushes and then allow them to make use of own imaginative ideas. They can either paint small objects as well as scenes on large rocks. They can even paint small stones in multi or single colors.

2. Photo Frames

Photo frames are something that can be very easily decorated or made in many ways. Ask the children to decide their beloved summer photographs so that they can be framed. You then have to supply them along with basic wooden or plastic frames. Now you can ask the kids to decorate every frame with the help of a theme, which matches the photos. This is one of the best fun arts and crafts to keep a kid engaged.

3. Wrapping Paper

Yet another crafts for girls as well as boys is wrapping paper. Let your children make various kinds of wrapping in order to employ throughout a year for wrapping up presents or gifts for their buddies as well as teachers. Give them some colorful paints as well as various household supplies for creating a variety of patterns at the paper. For example, cut vegetables, sponge, jar lids, carved buttons, etc. They can even make and then store some for the Christmas time.

4. Bead Crafts

Assorted beads with various shapes sizes and colors make it very interesting when we talk about craft supplies. This is one of the perfect summer crafts for kids that are truly entertaining. Children can create some bead art, themed jewelry, pins as well as small decorations just by stringing the beads onto the wire and bending the wire for creating shapes.

5. Playdough

Yet another summer crafts for kids or fun arts and crafts is none other than the homemade playdough. These are crafts for girls as well as boys and it is very interesting too. It is even the oldest summer crafts for kids and still most efficient in keeping the kids engaged. Give the children “summer project” for completing it at the end of the day in which every kid has to create summer scene with the help of few themed objects.